As longstanding friends, we spontaneously decided to work together in order to share our passion for photography, atmospheres and travelling. The chemistry between us and the similarity in our way of working led us to think about associating us. We are convinced that the photography and the video-making are inseparable to create a complete set of souvenirs. Our complicity is also a token of trust for our clients and the wedding service providers.


Sylvain Bouzat

Destination Wedding Photographer

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Sylvain has been a wedding photographer since 2009 but he has had a photographer soul since forever. His photographic approach is based on emotions and strong moments that will be present during your wedding. 

He documents these precious moments with true honesty and with a mix of journalism photography (photographs taken on the spot), of esthetical editorial photography and of creativity to get unique photographs. This free way to take photographs that he has built up for many years defines his style and his personal vision.

Sylvain’s photographs are meant to deliver a message that he holds dear: conveying with his sensibility the story of your day and above all, giving meaning to the photographs. In love with the photograph films, Sylvain also travels around the world with his film camera and documents different cultures through street and portrait reportages.

Meryll de Gordon

Destination Wedding Videographer

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Meryll has been a video maker since 2010. His style is clearly a cinematographic style in view of the frame, the colours or the musical choices but he includes an essential value in his films, the humane part. 

In his view, each wedding film is a separate project. Each film has to be unique, every detail is important. To achieve that goal, he takes time to get to know his couples and what makes them unique so he knows how to film them, how to show them to their advantage. In his films, Meryll focuses on storytelling because it is what makes his work different. Every couple has a story, his goal is to highlight a part of it in his work.

As he also is a composer, a guitar and piano player, the audio work (music and voice) takes an essential part in his films. He will make his best to capture sounds and people words to make his film more realistic, dynamic and of course cinematic. 

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