Whether by composing music, drawing or writing stories, I always wanted to convey what I felt in an artistic way. Ten years ago, I discovered the video making. It is for me the ultimate weapon, combining audio, image and story, allowing me to immortalize forever what people experience and what I feel.

I’ve always liked movies. In a corner of my mind, I have the images of those old American films from the 50s and 60s made on film, mixed with more recent productions whose stories take you on an emotional journey. My style stems naturally from this, it is cinematic while keeping the spontaneous and natural side of the marriage. I don’t have the bride and groom pose, but I have a keen eye and anticipate everything that can bring this cinematic side to my productions.

Storytelling is more and more present in our lives, it allows us to tell something in an original way. It’s a technique that I integrate into all my films in order to obtain a unique rendering. I spend a lot of time preparing my weddings, getting to know my couples in order to enter their world and to give back a story as singular as their originality.

I travel a lot, both personally and professionally. Meeting different people in atypical settings also enriches my films in aesthetic and emotional terms. Sound in my films is an essential notion. Hours of research and listening allow me to carefully select the music that will convey the emotions I wish to bring out in my editing. I capture ambient sounds, speeches, and sometimes I also integrate a voice-over, in order to make my productions more lively, more cinematic of course.


Agafay desert, Marrakech, MOROCCO | Into Your Eyes


Guanacaste, COSTA RICA | Mimi & Greg


Bangkok, Hua hin, THAILAND | Children of Love


Atlantic coast, FRANCE | Hollie and Monju


Agafay desert, Marrakech, MOROCCO | With you I’m home


Manhattan, NYC | Making the story of the impossible possible


Marbella, SPAIN | For a lifetime of hapiness

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