We focus on a limited quantity of weddings each year in order to keep our jobs qualitative. We are proud to be able to keep a close relationship with our couples in order to entirely commit to our job. We evaluate in pair so we can give back a homogenous result. The liberty conveyed by our jobs allows us to be completely creative.


Our similar style, our love for travelling and our attention to detail lead us to create memories based on the humane value and the singularity of each couple. This concept leads us to create more than simple weddings reportages, we highlight the unique story of lovers through our “adventure sessions”. As passionate and creative people who constantly search inspiration, we create unique photos and films for unique couples.


Our couples are open-minded and authentic, they are sensible to the aesthetic of photographs. They enjoy living adventures, love travelling and discovering new horizons. Before anything else, they are accessible people, in adequation with their emotions, people we can build up a real trust relationship with throughout the provided service. They leave us free rein in terms of inspiration, creativity and propositions.

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